Our Story

In 2014, my family made the move to the Isle of Man, and I then began working as an employee under different dental practices until October 2023.

After dedicating numerous years to corporate dental establishments, I arrived at the decision to return to providing comprehensive dental care for families. I agreed to embark on the venture of establishing my own dental practice at the esteemed Roundhouse in Braddan.

Serendipitously, the owners of Regent Dental presented an exceptional opportunity to acquire two of their practices, namely Regent Dental Ridgeway and Regent Dental Peel. It was an offer that I simply could not refuse, especially considering the invaluable support and collaboration of my esteemed colleagues from my time on the Island. Although unforeseen, I am absolutely thrilled to recognize the immense potential that arises from the harmonious collaboration among these three practices, boasting a collective wealth of experience in delivering exceptional family dental care on the Island.

It brings me great pleasure to announce that our Ridgeway and Peel practices are currently open. The Roundhouse, on the other hand, is scheduled to commence operations in May 2024. I eagerly anticipate extending a warm welcome to new private patients across all our practices on the Island.